5 Steps to A Better 10 Gallon Fish Tank

5 Steps to a Better 10 Gallon Fish Tank A 10-gallon fish tanks is the most commonly sold size in the USA. With so many sold, they are also the cheapest fish tank sold and, …

5 Steps to a Better 10 Gallon Fish Tank

A 10-gallon fish tanks is the most commonly sold size in the USA. With so many sold, they are also the cheapest fish tank sold and, when sold as a kit, quality equipment is often swapped out for cheaper equipment to be more price competitive. This guide will help you get your 10-gallon fish aquarium up and running in five easy steps.

1. Upgrading your lighting. Many fish tanks today have built-in LED lights. Unfortunately to keep the cost down, these lights are only enough to illuminate the aquarium. Upgrading to an aftermarket LED light, such a 20-inch Finnex Stingray, will allow you to get great color out of your fish as well as grow live aquarium plants. Make sure you grab a glass top for your aquarium so you can let your new light shine through.

2. Proper filtration is important. A 10-gallon fish aquarium will typically house smaller fish so we recommend something with slower flow. There are many choices for fish tank filters. We prefer small hang on back filters like an AquaClear 20 or a sponge filter that runs on an air pump. Having a filter on your aquarium will not only collect the waste fish produce but help break down toxic chemicals such as ammonia and prevent them from harming your fish.

3. Heating When people think of an aquarium they often think of brightly colored fish. These tropical fish require temperatures of 74-84 degrees. You’ll need a fish tank heater to warm the water above the ambient temperature in your house. The more powerful your heater, the colder your house will be. A 100-watt heater is sufficient for most situations. It will work well with a 10-gallon fish aquarium. The glass top will make your tank look great. Heat rises through water and leaves the top unless it is trapped with the glass.

4. Make sure you have the right chemicals. Fish stores often stock a wide range of chemicals that could be used to build a fish tank. The essentials every aquarium owner must have are a dechlorinator to remove chlorine and chloramine from your water to make it fish safe and a test kit to monitor how the water is doing. These are essentials, everyone agrees. These are the essentials. You’ll need to be able to use them and choose the best ones. Right? Why take the same chance with your fish tank?

5. Decorations! One of the fun parts of setting up your fish tank. Choose the type of fish tank that you prefer. Is it a princess themed tank with a castle, or is it a natural aquarium with wood, rock and live plants? Live plants have the benefit of helping passively clean your aquarium when paired with a good light that you bought in step 1 and fed with plant fertilizers you may have picked up in step 4. No matter how beautiful your tank looks, ensure it is safe for the fish that you will be keeping inside. It is a FISH tank and should be set up optimally for them. Use stones, sticks and fake plants that are too sharp. Use silk instead of plastic plants. Instead of looking for decor with sharp edges, choose decor that is rounded. We believe that to really bring your fish tank to life add some real aquarium plants.

You now have the basics for a 10-gallon fish aquarium. Don’t be afraid of doing more research, especially about the care of your fish. Find a local shop that will help you. There are many fish shops that may not be the same. Even within the same shop, there might be different knowledge levels among staff. The last thing I’d say is to do your research before buying anything. If someone recommends something to you, whether it is in person or online. Make sure that you do your research and decide if it is the right idea for your tank. You can start that journey by seeing what we recommend in the playlist below. This playlist is a great place to start your research on the type of fish tank that you would like to have and then enjoy it!